Ratbag the Meat Hoarder
Ratbag (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor)
Vital statistics
Race Uruk
Gender Male
Status Alive
Position A minion of Sauron
Voice actor Unknown
Appearances Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Ratbag, also known as Ratbag the Meat Hoarder, is an Uruk Nemesis in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. He is one of Orthog Troll Slayer's minions.

Gameplay WalkthroughEdit

In the Gameplay Walkthrough video, Talion encounters Ratbag at an Uruk outpost. After a large fight, Talion captures Ratbag, and forces Ratbag to assassinate his leader Orthog, using his ability to dominate. Ratbag is not successful in his assassination attempt, only inflicting a small amount of damage, but he does manage to wound Orthog enough to provide Talion a significant advantage in combat.


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