Orthog Troll Slayer
800px-Orthog Troll Slayerexpirement2
Vital statistics
Race Uruk
Gender Male
Status Alive
Position A minion of Sauron
Voice actor Unknown
Appearances Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
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Orthog, also known as Orthog Troll Slayer, is an Uruk Nemesis in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Gameplay WalkthroughEdit

In the Gameplay Walkthrough video, Talion's goal is to eliminate Orthog. After capturing and dominating Orthog's minion, Ratbag the Meat Hoarder, he orders Ratbag to assassinate Orthog. Ratbag fails at his assassination attempt, but does manage to wound Orthog by plunging a dagger into his side. Talion then reveals himself to Orthog, and after a difficult fight, he manages to defeat and kill Orthog by beheading him.