Plateau of Gorgoroth
Gorgoroth, with Mount Doom in the background
Vital statistics
Type Region
Location North-western Mordor
Appearances Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Gorgoroth, shorthand for the Plateau of Gorgoroth, is a possible location in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It is a large plateau in the north-western part of Mordor.


Gorgoroth lies past the Isenmouthe and Udûn. It is a large, stretched wasteland where most of Sauron's armies are stationed, waiting for Sauron's orders. Due to its proximity to Mount Doom, Gorgoroth has always been covered in volcanic ash and has no plant life, with fissures dominating much of the landscape spewing forth fumes and smoke. Gorgoroth has an extreme and arid climate, and is considered uninhabitable by Men.

In The Return of the King, the hobbits Frodo and Sam traveled along the northern edge of Gorgoroth from the Isenmouthe, which took them 3 days before their journey South to Mount Doom.

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