Domination is an ability within Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It allows Talion to control Uruks and

Talion dominating Ratbag the Meat Hoarder

various other creatures, such as Caragors and Graugs, forcing them to do his bidding.

Description Edit

After Talion was killed by a servant of Sauron, known as the Black Hand, he was resurrected and bound to a Wraith. This gave Talion the power to dominate his foes, among other abilities. Talion used his powers to infiltrate the ranks of Sauron's army, forming an army of his own, in order to avenge his family.


When an Uruk is dominated by Talion, the player is given four choices:

  • Command: Do missions from within the Nemesis hierarchy with the dominated captain, examples include being killing off other Nemeses in duels, hunt beasts to increase standing in Uruk society, etc.
  • Kill: Kill the dominated Nemesis.
  • Death Threat: Used to threaten the Captains into bolstering their defences. While the fight against the Captains will be considerably more difficult, the reward will include an epic rune.
  • Dismiss: Dismissing an Uruk can provide a strong tactical advantage. A branded an Uruk will stay under Talion's control, and remain in the general area he's currently defending. A dismissed Uruk in an area can be called in as reinforcements. There's a chance that as Uruk Captains kill each other and die, a marked Uruk will make their way up the ranks.

Other abilties Edit

  • Dominating a Caragor will allow Talion to ride upon its back and command it to attack.
  • Talion also has the option to dominate large Graugs. Under his control, he can command it to attack enemies.


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